UNC CBSF is a small, radically-inclusive family of faith committed to growing together through theological discussion, worship, service, and the occasional trip to Cookout. We meet Wednesday evenings for bible study, with social and service events interspersed throughout the semester.

What Sets CBSF Apart?

There are a TON of campus ministries at UNC. Here is what sets CBSF apart from the rest:

  • We accept anyone and everyone, no exceptions, just as Christ would.

  • Our leaders don't have the answers; they challenge us to find our own.

  • We worship in a new way each week because we realize everyone has different spiritual needs.

  • We embrace and celebrate even our most controversial theological differences, realizing that there is no personal growth in an environment of constant agreement.

  • We regularly interact with other faith groups on campus, even those outside our religion, to share our perspectives and collaborate on service projects for the common good.